Graduates with an undergraduate engineering degree from an International University and graduates with an engineering related undergraduate science degree must apply for an assessment by the Engineers Nova Scotia Board of Examiners. 

You must submit an Online Application for Assessment in order to be able to upload the required documents to your account.  Do not submit documents by email.


A World Education Services (WES) ICAP course-by-course credential assessment  for all engineering degrees is now required for an assessment by the Board of Examiners.  You must select Engineers Nova Scotia as a recipient of the report. Apply here.

Required Documents:

(All documents must be officially translated to English)

  • A World Education Services (WES) ICAP course-by-course evaluation sent to Engineers Nova Scotia from WES (Apply here)
  • completed and submit an Online Application for Assessment 
  • assessment application fee (fees here)
  • copy of your transcript of marks for your undergraduate engineering degree (including diploma) and any post graduate engineering degrees.
  • official university program syllabus (course descriptions / calendar)* for all years of the above degrees, sent from the university or education authority in your country to Engineers Nova Scotia, or copies of the relevant pages from the official university handbook, or course descriptions downloaded from the university's official website with the official url on each page.  The courses on your course descriptions must correspond to the courses on your transcript  and must include the first two years.  If not clear, you must create an index to cross reference to your transcript.
  • current resume
  • detailed experience records on the Engineers Nova Scotia form (all engineering experience since completing your undergraduate degree) - PDF.  Experience must be a minimum of 4 pages per year of experience and be written according to the Experience Guidelines.   Please refer to the Experience Guide and Forms  available at 
  • current, valid, government issued, photo identification with your signature 
  • confirmation of English language proficiency.  When an applicant’s first language is not English, confirmation of the ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing is required. Positive results of the TOEFL, education in English, or P.Eng. references may be acceptable as proof of English language proficiency.

*  If you attempted to obtain course descriptions from the University and were not successful, you must submit a letter with your application advising the Engineers Nova Scotia Board of Examiners that the official program syllabi is not available from the university.  If official program syllabi are not available, the Board of Examiners will attempt to perform an assessment.  However, this will affect the outcome of your assessment as a more extensive exam program may be assigned.

      Experience Forms - PDF or Word Document 

      Post Grad Degree Experience Forms - PDF or Word Document 


      Experience Guidelines- PDF 


Sample Diaries (Experience Records)


Pathway to Licensure

Pathway to Licensure Document - PDF

Please note: A WES ICAP evaluation is required.