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UPDATE:  COVID-19 Measures - Updated August 31, 2022

A Message from the CEO and Registrar, Pal Mann, CD, P.Eng.

Dear Applicants, Members, Friends and Family of Engineers Nova Scotia,

As Engineers Nova Scotia is committed to the health and wellbeing of its staff, its internal and external stakeholders, and members of the public whom we serve, we are constantly revisiting our pandemic posture to ensure everyone’s safety as best as possible.  

The Engineers Nova Scotia Office is open to all employees and we are now using a hybrid work model which includes work from the office and remote work based on an agreed upon schedule

The Engineers Nova Scotia Office is also open to visitors (registrants, volunteers and the public) by appointment or invitation only.

We are asking all employees and visitors who are experiencing any Coronavirus-like symptoms to not enter the Engineers Nova Scotia offices or attend Engineers Nova Scotia events. (Please see https://www.nshealth.ca/protecting-myself-and-others )

To avoid undue exposure, we ask that registrants or applicants complete any business through email or virtual meeting if possible. For registrants, many activities such as reporting Continuing Professional Development, dues payment, or event registration can be completed through our Member and Company area at https://engineersnovascotia.ca/member-area/ .

For our volunteers, we can host participants in 1355 Barrington Street; however, we are limiting occupancy of our Boardroom to 15 persons. We will continue to offer a virtual option through teleconference or videoconference for those that are uncomfortable, or unable to attend in-person, or if the occupancy is expected to exceed 15 people.  The staff responsible to coordinate any of our committee meetings will provide updates to volunteers via email. Again, we request that any participants experiencing any flu-like symptoms not enter the building.

While we have returned to more and more in-person events, Engineers Nova Scotia understands this remains a fluid environment and health restrictions can change quickly, requiring us to change our policies. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we all strive to do our very best to protect ourselves and each other.

We wish you and your families continued good health. 

Pal Mann, P.Eng.

CEO and Registrar
Engineers Nova Scotia

A Practice Advice and Guidance document  has been developed to help support members in understanding their professional obligations during this pandemic. It can be found on the News Section of our website CLICK FOR MORE.

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