Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE)

The Board of Examiners (BOE) may assign the FE exam option – on its own or with other technical exams – to confirm your technical engineering knowledge.  The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) in the United States administers this exam.


Do not take the FE exam before receiving a decision from the BOE, as you may not need to take the exam.


If you decide to take the FE exam instead of writing discipline specific confirmatory exams, you must send notification to Engineers Nova Scotia that you will be taking the FE.  Three attempts are allowed to take the FE.  After three unsuccessful attempts, your file will be returned to the Board of Examiners for reassessment.


Notification form to take FE - PDF


The FE is offered monthly at any Pearson VUE testing location which offers exams.


Registering for the FE Exam


  1. Review the NCEES Examinee Guide before registering so that you understand all the FE exam policies and procedures.
  2. Review the FE Exam website  and the information regarding the disciplines available: FE Chemical, FE Civil, FE Electrical and Computer, FE Environmental, FE Industrial, FE Mechanical and FE Other Disciplines. Study guides are available at NCEES for purchase.  (Note that the 'Professional Exam' is not an option).
  3. Register for the exam through the Engineers Nova Scotia link on the NCEES website if you have been granted the option to take the FE.  You will need to set up a My NCEES Account


Rescheduling and Cancelling

Reschedule or cancel your exam through your My NCEES Account that you created when you registered.  If you notify NCEES at least 48 hours before your test date, NCEES will refund your registration fee minus a $50 administrative fee. Pearson VUE will charge a reschedule fee. 


Do not contact Engineers Nova Scotia regarding refunding, rescheduling, or cancelling your FE Exam.  You must contact NCEES.


Email, if you have any questions.