National Technical Examinations (NTE)

The Board of Examiners assesses academic qualifications and determines the requirements for registration.  The standard for registration in Canada is an undergraduate degree in engineering accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board of Engineers Canada.  If you graduated from a non-accredited engineering program you may be required to write technical exams that demonstrate your knowledge and your academic qualifications.  The examinations are assigned based on the Engineers Canada Examination Syllabus. The actual exams you write will depend on your situation.   After your application has been assessed, you will be notified in writing if you are required to complete technical examinations.


Documents to apply for the NTE are found below:

      NTE Application Form -  PDF
      Use this form to apply to write exams.

      Standard Exam Procedure -  PDF
      This form explains the process to follow to write exams.

      Sample Technical Exams 
      This link will take you to a list of technical exams written at previous exam sittings. No answers are given.

      Engineers Canada Examination Syllabus 
      This link will take you to the Engineers Canada Examination Syllabus and suggested reference texts.


Important Documents you are required to read in preparation for Online Exams:

Status of Online Technical Exams

Candidate Guide for Online Technical Exams

Written Solutions Guide 


Time Limitations for Writing Exams 

Technical exams may be written twice a year in Spring and Fall.  You may choose the examination session at which you wish to write.   You will be assigned an exam completion date, depending on the type of examination program you are assigned.  If you do not attempt to write any exams within one year of the letter of notification, your application will be withdrawn.


Application to Write Exams (See Below)

Applications to take online technical exams must be received by:

July 20 for the Fall / Winter 2023 session

February 1 for the Spring / Summer 2024 session

Available Exams for the Fall / Winter 2023 Session

Please ensure that the exam you wish to take is on the list of exams available for the Spring / Summer 2023 session before submitting your application.  List here.  


If you wish to write at the Fall 2023 exam session, Please view the exam list and if the exam you wish to write is not on the list, email to request to have it added. Fall / Winter 2023 list here


Adding an Exam to the List of Available Exams for the next exam session

Submit an application to write, the specific exam required, before May 4 to have it added for the Fall session and before September 2 to have it added for the next Spring session.  Indicate on the application that the exam is not on the list.  If your application is submitted after May 25, the exam will be added to the Spring / Summer session for the next year.


Exam Cancellation 

If you do not book your exam with eProctor, you will not be charged.   Please note:  if you have already booked your exam with eProctor, it cannot be deferred or cancelled.  If you do not write a booked exam, you will forfeit the exam fee.  If you have not booked your exam contact to advise that you wish to cancel or defer your exam.