Informal Education Opportunities

Informal education includes learning activities that are not normally offered by an educational institution or other formalized organization, but do indeed expand knowledge, skills or judgment.  Informal education activities may include:

  • Self-directed study (ex. learning new software).
  • Attendance at conferences, technical sessions, talks, seminars, workshops, and industry trade shows
  • Attendance at meetings of technical, professional or managerial associations or societies
  • Structured or informal discussion of technical or professional issues with one’s peers.
  • Participation in Lunch and Learns offered by Vendors or Suppliers
  • Researching and applying new parts of codes in daily activities.

Every two (2) hours of activity qualify as one (1) PDH.  The engineer may claim a maximum of 30 total PDH’s per year for this activity.



Engineers Nova Scotia aims to provide its members with learning and networking opportunities across the province. We currently do this through our events and online webinars. 

Electronic Library - Articles of Interest

Events - For upcoming event offerings please refer to the Events page

Webinars - A collection of webinars available online and those created by Engineers Nova Scotia

Safety Courses - Did you know there are free Workplace Health and Safety e-Courses available for residents of Nova Scotia?  There are more than 60 courses to choose from and you can take six per calendar year without cost.  The courses are available in English and French and cover a wide range of topics.  Of particular interest may be ‘Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control’, ‘Health and Safety Committees’, ‘Health and Safety for Senior Executives: Legislation & Liability’, ‘Stress in the Workplace’ and a series on WHMIS 1988. 

The courses are provided by the government of Nova Scotia and delivered in partnership with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.  To access the courses go to and follow the link.