Outreach Resources

Have you been asked to visit your child's school? Need an activity for a Brownie or Cub Scout event? We have you covered. 


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Wind Lift (80 youth max, 1 hour minimum)

Provides youth with the opportunity to design their own wind turbine blades using various materials (card stock, cardboard, etc.). The purpose of the activity it to test how many pennies their design can lift using a base and fan. Students are given enough time to re-iterate and re-test their new design.


Water for the World (30 youth max, 1 hour minimum)

Groups of students are each assigned a different country and asked to design a water filter. The countries vary in literacy and GDP which is reflected in the amount of information and money provided to each group. Students will learn about how these contributing factors can impact clean drinking water.


Humpty Dumpty Goes Bungee Jumping (80 youth max, 1 hour minimum)

In this challenge, youth will learn the value of team work, acquire an understanding of Hooke’s Law, and apply the design and experimentation process to create and test a bungee jumping cord for an egg.


Small Group Kit (20 youth, 3 activities, 1.5 hours minimum)

Created by the Women In Engineering Subcommittee, Youth Engagement, with the Special Interest Badge requirements for a Unit Visit with Brownies (age 7-9) in mind. Feel free to break this up and not do all three of the activities at once. 

Safe stopping robot

Youth are shown how we can use a basic electrical circuit and motor to make decisions like a robot. The goal is to construct a robot that turns off whenever it leaves the “safe” area.

Wind turbine

Youth will see how wind energy is used to create mechanical energy by building their own “wind” powered turbine.

Foil boats

Youth will learn about how the shape of a boat can affect its buoyancy. Participants will design, test and iterate to allow their boats to carry as much weight (pennies, washers or buttons etc.) as possible.

Engineering discipline discovery

The objective of this activity is to discuss different categories of engineering opportunities through the different disciplines. 


Other Resources:


Grade 3 - General overview of engineering highlighting careers and bridges (EngineersPEI) 

Grade 3 - General overview of engineering highlighting aerospace and CAD (EngineersPEI) 

Brownies - Intro to engineering roles, inclined plane and facilitator notes  (Resouce: Record Sheet for activity)


Books (Not available to borrow)

Rosie Revere, Engineer 

Designing Dandelions: An Engineering Everything Adventure 

Engineering Elephants 



What is Engineering?

Engineering - Where are the girls and why aren't they here?: Dr. Jenna Carpenter at TEDxMonroe

Inspiring the next generation of female engineers: Debbie Sterling at TEDxPSU

Sydney Tar Ponds


Are you a teacher looking to invite an engineer into your classroom? Contact us at info@engineersnovascotia.ca, we will do our best to find local volunteers.