Engineers Nova Scotia Prioritizing Hurricane Relief Related Requests

Sep 29, 2022 12:00 AM


One of the strongest storms ever to hit Canada slammed into Nova Scotia’s coastline, and made landfall over Guysborough County on the Northeast corner of mainland Nova Scotia on Saturday, September 24The most severely impacted areas are Eastern Nova Scotia, PEI, and Southwest Newfoundland.  As of September 29, there remains widespread power outages throughout the province, which is expected to continue for a number of days.  Hurricane Fiona left a path of destruction, with significant property and infrastructure damage, and major flooding destroying roads, bridges and even houses. 

Engineers Nova Scotia staff are prioritizing the many requests received this week for licensing professional engineers and engineering firms who are arriving in Nova Scotia to provide engineering services for the many areas devastated by Hurricane Fiona. Many areas in the province require licensed professionals for assessment of structural damage to infrastructure and services. 

Engineers Nova Scotia remains committed to ensuring that qualified and licensed professional engineers are practicing in the best interest of the public, and we thank you for your patience during this time.

DS (Pal) Mann, CD, FCSSE, P.Eng.
CEO & Registrar